What does it mean for the Ocean to have Memory?  (2017)
I am a part of a group of diverse thinkers from across oceanography, other scientific specialties,  the realms of art, history and literature to consider this question. In September of 2017 we gathered at Friday Harbor Laboratories on San Juan Island in Puget Sound, Washington to discuss this topic from different points of view and backgrounds. Our collective goal is to reach across wildly divergent scientific and artistic practices to broaden understanding and awareness of all ways in which the ocean, especially the deep ocean, may retain and express memory.This is an ongoing project, and for me, it will ever be done. My personal work and the collaborative work on this project will be continuously  updated.
 The work is funded by the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative (NAKFI), as a result of a competitive process following the 2016 NAKFI conference on Discovering the Deep Blue Sea.
 Does the ocean, as a whole or in its parts, as a physical system or an ecosystem, exhibit information storage and recall? Is it useful to ask whether the ocean remembers and does this question open new opportunities for understanding the ocean and our perception of it? How do we begin to pursue this line of inquiry, both within our specific professional niches and as a community?

Taking measurements on the ocean waters of the Puget Sound from a Friday Harbor Research Vessel.

Making collections from the ocean waters of the Puget Sound from a Friday Harbor Research Vessel.

Identifying the organisms we caught under the dissecting scope.

Brainstorming on ocean memory as a group.

Illustrating ideas through small sculptures.