artist's statement

Experiencing the sublime is to be without limits. Free from association and memory, no longer do I hold an identity. I float into a place unknown, into the absolute. My tempo has changed, time lies dormant, breath cut off, no longer aware of my heart beat or cold hands.

In search of the sublime, my interdisciplinary work is often expeditionary by nature. I find myself in harsh climates and uninviting landscapes, observing how my morphology and physiology are ill-adapted as I experiment with performance. I record video and sounds that occur within a landscape like ice breaking and the ocean moving like a breathing chest. I breathe with it.

I bring these experiences back to the studio and build sculpture based on my memories and concerns. I use materials such as ice, clay, wood, bees, fabric, and fungus to build my sculptures. Combined with video, this work evolves into installation. Throughout my process, I ponder the dominion we as humans hold over other life forms and ecosystems. Simultaneously, I am humbled by the authority mother nature holds over my species. My aim is to better understand the tensions that exist between being human, being humbled, and our responsibilities to nature.